Dialysis Techmologists Vital Team MembersUtilize the knowledge of your Dialysis Technologists as they are important members of your Nephrology Team.

Who are your Dialysis Technologists
Do you know what your Dialysis Technologist is responsible for?
They are your experts in:

Water Quality
To ensure water used for dialysis meets or exceeds CSA Standards
for safe dialysis treatments.

Equipment Maintenance and Repair
Maintain all dialysis related equipment (ie. dialysis machines, water teatment systems, electrical eletronic devices etc.) and repair
when necessary for optimum performance

Conduct in-services, meetings, or training sessions to ensure all staff are up to date and knowledgeable about theequipment
they use.
Project Training
Actively participate inthe planning and implementation
of newdialysis facilites and re-construction.
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