The Registry

The Registry works in a very easy to use manner that makes navigating simple. As you can see below that all the Canadian Provinces are listed. Simply click on the province that you are going to search in and a list of all Nephrology Units are then listed.

Furthermore, if you don’t see your Unit in the Registry, take a moment and send in your information. Please realize that the more Technologists that send in their Unit’s information; the more Technologists you’re helping.

Someone, somewhere is using the same equipment or supplies that you are and has a question to ask.

Not everyone is comfortable with using the Technical Message Board on but many will send off an email to a contact person from a Unit that utilizrs the same products in their day-to-day operations. One way or another, is commited to helping increase the communiction amongst Canadian Technologists. Click on a province.

Add or update your information
If any information about your program is missing or needs updating, please click here.

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Pictures say it all ........
It would be appreciated if the contact person would email a picture after filling out the Registry Form. Putting a face to the Unit and the name means so much especialy when you go to conferences like CANNT. Remember the highest resolution possible!